Lobbying Activites Legally Defined

Advocacy Services Pertaining To The Following Matters

  • Development, drafting,introduction consideration, modification, adoption, rejection, review, enactment or defeat of any bill, resolution, amendment, report, nomination, administrative rule or other matter, by the legislature or either house or any committee, subcommittee, joint or select committee thereof, or by a legislator or employee of the legislator acting in official capacity and also means the action of the governor in approving or vetoing any bill or portion thereof, and the action of the governor or any agency in development of a proposal for introduction in the legislature. Chapter 227.13.62(8) Wisconsin State Statues.
  • Including the proposal, drafting, development, consideration, promulgation,amendment, repeal or rejection by an agency of a rule promulgated under Chapter 227.13.62(1) Wisconsin State Statues.
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